Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Halifax Bank Visa Phone Con Warning

In a possible attempt to trick me into revealing confidential information, I just received a phone call on my Movistar mobile phone.

A woman claimed to be calling about my Halifax account and wanted to know when I was born "for security purposes". I don't have a Halifax account of any kind so I knew straightaway that it was probably a scam!

I asked the woman her name which, in her possibly African accent, she said was Sarah. I asked where she was calling from and she said the Halifax Bank and wanted my year of birth for a security check.

I told Sarah that I didn't have a Halifax account and she said it was Halifax Visa. When told I didn't have a Halifax Visa card either she quickly said she's send me a letter and rang off before I could say anything.

As there is a branch of the Halifax Bank in Torrox Costa I was quite concerned about how many other people might be getting the same call, people who did have a Halifax account. I followed up by ringing the Halifax Bank in Spain who confirmed that they would not ask for security information over the telephone, so please be on the lookout for this cruel con.